Do you like chinese food?

How about chinese food for today?

Come to our restaurant and try it!

Mingcheng, the cook, has more than 25 years experience and can nearly cook every taste which suits you. The menu cart contains over 100 dishes and there are lunch menus too. In a 4 week cycle you can taste everyday 5 lunch menus between CHF 14.50 up to 19.50. White rice and a soup is in the lunch menus included. In addition for a small amount of CHF 3.50, you can have fried rice or fried noodles instead of white rice. The lunch menus are for example chicken Szwchwan, Chop – Suey or Shrimps with black beans sauce.

If you have more time to enjoy your meal, we’ll recommend to you to try one of the two seven-course menus. The price is between CHF 45 to 55.--.

Further you can order taiwanese specialities. You just have to ask which dishes are avaiable. Meeiyu, the manager, will be pleased to present you any taiwanese specialities.

Maybe you already know the Ya Ke restaurant. Our restaurant was before in the Klingenstasse 39. Now we’ve moved to Weststrasse 162.

We’re looking forward to greet you in our restaurant!